2012 Seed Project Overview (Video #2)

This is the best single video we've got to capture the experience the flavor of ELL, it's people and projects. It's from our Seed Project (Summer of 2012) and was made by Ben Brownell (a participant in that session).


Gratitude - Shared at Summer 2013 Showcase

We presented this video at our Open House / Project Showcase during our Summer 2013 session. Ruben Alvarado created this one. He was a participant in our Seed Project and facilitator-in-training during that session.


Overview of our 8 Week Trajectory

People in our first session suggested that we provide an overview of what to expect in the session. We probably won't do this again, since it made people feel like everything was predetermined when it isn't. Backlash from this session led us to create our Group Kanban process for everyone to contribute to the path of the group.

Sorry about the sound quality and for missing part of the beginning and end. Our big meeting room has a large waterfall just outside its window so there's a lot of white noise and it was filmed on cell phone.


Seed Project Wrap-up (Video #3)

This is the third and final video that Ben made as a participant in the 2012 Seed Project. It has some nice coverage of our Open House / Showcase and winding down the session.


Seed Project Intro (EBD-TV Video #1)

This was our first video. Made by Ben Brownell and Venessa Miemis for her EBD-TV web cast. It has great shots of the uber-industrial space we're in. Many of the participants were still sorting out what their projects were really about.


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