The Emerging Leader Labs are built on participation and contribution. We believe that reweaving our social capacities to imagine, create and build what's needed is the seed of a world that works.


Therefore, everything that's created as part of the Emerging Leader Labs is shared or gifted. The time, skills, space and materials are not exchanged for money, but given in support of our vision for what's possible when the creativity and collaboration of youth are unleashed.


We need to gather the following items or gifts from others who wish to support our vision:


General Labs

  • Cleaning supplies to borrow or keep. We especially need shop brooms, trash containers and basic tools.
  • Tech infrastucture: working printers, machines, cables, powerstrips, phones, etc
  • Furniture: desks, chairs, couches, lamps, white boards, tables, etc
  • Office supplies
  • Craigslist heroes: Finding, contacting and coordinating getting the "Things" we need from the Hudson Valley area
  • Host families: Chatham area hosts who can accomodate one or more participants for one to six weeks of the seed project
  • Foodstuffs: offerings of healthful edibles and supplements to keep us in optimal performance
  • Support team: Locals who can connect us with resources, offer expertise, support projects, treat a leader for a meal, or other things to support the seed project
  • Remote support: offsite collaborators who can interact digitally to offer coaching, technical assistance, website support, content development, outreach,  and coordination in various capacities to upcoming program sessions

We don't need this next one, but it sure would be awesome!

  • ping pong table for the lab



Please contact us if you'd like to support our efforts!