Summer 2013 Overview


Participants bring their own world-changing projects to develop in an eight-week residential session.   Participants will be staying in host homes offered by residents in the local area.  We provide food for participants who will be involved in preparing meals together. Our program operates in the gift economy, so there is no tuition. 


Focus Areas

  • Leadership: Learn to collaborate and work as a team as well as empower teams to fulfill projects and produce outrageous results.
  • Projects: Develop implementable projects that produce a positive impact on the local environment or community.
  • Service: Help us operate "Community Eats," which is a donation-based community hub for meals and events and is our primary service project this session.


  • Daily Activities: We start our our weekdays with a short stand-up meeting to coordinatate the day's tasks and schedule.  We spend our mornings on group work and afternoons on individual projects.  We will also have various events and work sessions on random evenings and weekends. (A Typical Day)
  • Coaching: Throughout the program, each participant will have a coach to support them in their personal and project development.
  • "TED Talks": We will help participants improve their skills at sharing their project and story in an inspiring way. We start with internal "project slams" where participants practice with each other (while being video-recorded), and work up to sharing in open houses and finally give full presentations at our Exhibition event two weeks before the end of the program.


Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, spending money, and any off-site or weekend meals. 


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