Source Team

 A Source Team is a body who provides the social, financial, and inspirational, and intellectual capital in order to launch and operate sessions of Emerging Leader  Labs, Incubators, and Agencies. The Source Team is also the Jedi / Wisdom council that provides guidance and oversight to the coherence holder and / or facilitators. 



The Source Team has accountability for setting up the lab or session, overseeing the operation while it is running, and evaluating and winding up the session after it is over.

The Source Team is accountable for locating and securing access to housing, workspace, food,  and financial resources(if needed) so that a session or year round Emerging Leader Lab can operate.  While the Support Team actually manages theses resources, the Source Team's role is to activate social and financial capital to acquire them.  We call this "sourcing."  

A Source Team may offer specific skills, knowledge, or resources to support a session or Lab with a specific focus.  

A Source Team has regular calls or meetings to check in on the needs and progess of the Lab with the facilitators and coherence holders and provides support as needed.  Source Teams provide support not just in resources, but also tools and tips for facilitation, coaching, etc.

Additionally the coherence holder of a Lab  is accountable to a Source Team so a Source Team creates spaces to provide feedback to the coherence holder(s) on their performance.


Requirements for Certification

Source Teams must have one person who has served on a Source Team before.  They must also have regular meetings. 


Source Team selection

Coherence Holders recruit Source Team members to serve for the duration of a session.  A Source Team should be composed of people with strengths in different areas. Generally, they should be people who have the capacity to operate in a domain of collective intelligence in a gift economy: ie kindred spirits. They must be sourceful – reliable for holding the fabric of the whole with each other and to generate what is needed for the benefit of the whole.


Have social capital, ex:

·    lots of connection in community for host homes, workspace, food suppliers/farmers

·    connections to gift economy communities (ie Elf Pavlik has connections overseas)

·    network of potential participants

·    ability to publicize to network of relevant peeps

·    have specific relationships that can help out the projects

·    access to specific resources for projects (tools, facilities, money if needed)


Skillsets could include:

·    perhaps some legal expertise (for writing work space releases, etc. Will likely be less necessary as body of docs accumulate)

·    to provide specific complement to facilitators or coherence holder

·    good social intelligence so they can help advise facilitators

·    people with ELL experience, ideally facilitation experience (a plus, not required)

·    specific skillset tuned to purpose of ELL session (ie tech session needs techie source team member or members)

·    is James Brown, or an embodiment thereof


Another reason to bring someone in – strategic placement of experience for future ELL projects



See agreements grid. 


Recommended Structures for Fulfillment

 ·    Start at least 2 months prior to opening of the lab

·    Have weekly conference calls (google hangouts?) where you cover what is needed and people make commitments to action items between calls

·    Set up mailing lists for social bodies (source team, participants, support, coaches).  Source team should have capacity to communicate with all of them.

·    Task management or group KanBan system – at least keep notes about what is promised and check in on.

·    Group call minutes

·    Coherence Holder will ensure calls have appropriate facilitation, reminders sent out before calls, etc.


Resources for more info:

This website

Arthur Brock