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Hi and welcome to my bio. I write creatively and journalistically, study astrological counseling with a teacher in New York City, have an active dream life, and have many other interests including edge science research through the SSE and bodywork training through the Rosen Method. In the academic realm, I have a degree in biological engineering from Cornell University where I also was a captain of the cross country team. As an athlete, I played many sports and was a dedicated distance running practitioner and coach for about 9 years. In 2010, shortly after I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia where I placed 2nd, my life experience was offered the first of many significant shocks when I met a man who was teaching a yoga class in Mercersburg, PA. I stopped running competitively and started investigating other worldviews. Since then, I have been exploring many different practices outside of the academic and sports world, and enjoy trying to synthesize my experiences in a valuable way for myself and others. Currently I live in Hudson, NY near my hometown of Ghent and am experimenting with the Emerging Leader Labs seed project in Chatham, NY.

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Emory Mort+Journal Entries by User
2012-08-15 Less than a month ago, I met Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock in the parking lot sitting between a solar energy company and ...

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I am a maker testing a civic accelerator called theMAKE: I explore, and make a business case for, how to ignite participatory communion within diversity so that wildly different people feel purposeful, grounded and generous, coming together to make something that has a measurable impact on a community. Some call this civic action. I think of it as neighbors, building neighborhoods, by any means necessary. 


Where I am now is largely informed by what I've done and a recent, giant leap of faith. 


The bricks and mortar of me – I’ve worked with Fortune 500 Corporates, global NFPs and NGOs to execute action change campaigns that shift consumption behavior and perception towards a greater good through internal/external engagement, storytelling, cultural design, number crunching, branding, marketing and messaging. I’ve focused on getting you engaged and active, as a positive change agent.


My background is in strategy, alliance and partnership creation, public finance and community and economic development. I’ve outliered as a culture reporter for MTV Asia, a financial anchor for Hong Kong’s Metro Broadcast Corporation Radio, a high-end florist, a garde manger, a stylist, and fish monger.  On paper, I have an advanced degree in Management & Policy from the New School of Social Research and an AB from Barnard College, Columbia University. 

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Pritha RaySircar+Journal Entries by User
1st (and only) Blog post for theMAKE, May 10th 2012
  • This is the first thing I wrote about theMAKE. I thought I would share it here as a way to get

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Over the last few years, I've realized, like many others, that if what we want is a new and better human 'operating system' then the best place to start is within myself. To deconstruct my own patterns and assumptions is something which I have not just sat down and done once, but adopted as a process to continually revise and polish my own capacities. My gifts include:

Hosting, making others feel seen and safe.

Empowerment to employ many disciplines of thinking including design, systems, computational, creative, and critical thinking, and the discernment to tell what's needed when.

Pragmatically, my main area of skill is in technology, ranging from video production, to image manipulation, to web development, design, and hosting server knowledge and experience, to web application development using frameworks like Ruby On Rails.

My gratitudes include:

The ongoing support and connection to an intentional learning community of practice, which makes all else more possible.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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Connor Turland+Journal Entries by User
2013-06-24 Pushed into the deep end with all your clothes on. A fitting description of my first week at ELL. Or maybe I didn't ...
First Day Adventures
2013-06-18 It's the Sunday before ELL official starts its 2013 session. Robert Best and I arrived last night, and today have been helping set ...
Feeling Broken
2012-08-20 It wasn't an easy morning for this maker. Full of self-criticism and hard feelings I was having trouble knowing what to do with ...
Creating Order from Chaos
2012-08-17 I just created this little picture collage of the desk I'm working at :)  Tags:  
Three Big Intentions for Three Weeks
2012-08-10 When we woke up on the morning of the 10th, we found the rain coming down like no tomorrow. After a little bit ...

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I believe that, even though I try, defining myself is something I can not do, change is permanent (paradoxically), . My name is Rubén, was born  in México and I'm currently living there.  Love to write, photography and steping into "the unknown". Learning is my passion, think life it's the perfect school, from the cradle to the grave. 

Believe that evolution, being a natural event, is unstoppable. I want to put my heart, intelect and talents to serve this  divine transition into a fairer life. 


We need air to live but we do not live to breath, life is waiting for us beyond the current paradigm of interaction. Let's find her, bravely

Thank you for  your time and attention.


Love and health.



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Rubén Alvarado+Journal Entries by User
Taking notes
2012-08-16 Knowledge, in the form of words, enters your body as the light that allows you to see the land within yourself where you ...
"La belleza nos acecha" "
2012-08-16 +Entry Tags:   +Tags
2012-08-08 Del estacionamiento hasta el laboratorio caminamos 100 metros, más o menos. Nos toca caminar dentro de una gran bodega oscura y sombría. El ...
Manos sucias de tierra divina.
2012-08-09 A Emory y a mí nos tocó hacer la cena hoy.  En la villa hay libertad de cosecha en los jardines que aquí ...
"There is only one infinite game"
2012-08-07 Just finished reading "Finite and infinite games" by James P. Carse.  I think that a book is being rewritten everytime someone reads it, ...

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I'm a hard one to pin down, but I'm all about games, whether they be physical or virtual. I've been on a leap year recovering from illness (bi-polar) and it had been long overdue as I had this UNDIAGONOSED condition for about 4-5 years with no treatment now.

I'm no visual artist, but I am a concept art fan and a Java Jam Junkie from High School. I only just entered (or will be) entering college right around the second round of the labs.

I'm into WRITING, exploring, researching, and well... drifting off, creating new worlds in the process.  I enjoy iterations of Glass Bead Games [kanban boards,, GameShifting, Open Modeling, MetaCurrency] and drawing maps/legends/canon/knowledge/holons/edges/ with my mind (and specialized tools) kwown as Open Modeling and/or  'GameShifting'.

How can I put it? I'm an Reportager Edger (or Reportager) now (But still a gameshifter!) [Someone who reports what is happening on the edge of different paradigms] and want to live the part. Enjoy the roller-coaster, between the techtonic, miraculous, serendpitious and (sometimes painful and hard) shifts, but stll, it will be fun!

My Concentrations are Resilence and Aptitude Training as well as Network Weaving. But Reportage Edger is my current... 'profression' for lack of a better word. It's BECOMING part of who I am. Not just being something, becoming something more resilent... with each stage of aptitude.

Ask yourself this question, just this one question, Are We Having Fun Yet? That question is a currency. The Benefit of the Doubt is a currency as well.  What you Make of This is also a currency. Shift on it. Make shift happen. You can do it. GO! NIKE!

On [Novelty]

Human consciousnesses is not merely an emergent phenomenon; it epitomizes the logic of emergence in its very form... Consciousnesses emerges as the incessant creation of something from nothing. a process continually transcending itself. To be human is to know what it is like, (Evolution/Life/Paradigmatic Lore), what it feels like to to be evolution/involution happening.

Terrance Deacon, "The Hierarchic Logic of Emergence"

(R)E:Volutionaries Page 100
[ I plan on using the annotations out of this book as tools for building our collective social Emerging Leader Labs (and beyond!) Social DNA (Including Social Leadership and Social Imagination) ]


P.S - Twitter Description:


Gameshifter. Up to all kinds of good. Much interest in niches/Techneiums, plus serious and alternate reality game design. With complexity, systems, energy, generativity.

Social Ecosystemic Playgrounds ·




P.S.S  Dream Big. What does this Project make Possible in This World?

[Meta-Note: I plan on writing more,  This more technical stuff. There will be more things meant for general audiences. This is what I'm 'writing for ELL.' (For now, more to come!) ]


Gameshifting is a lot of things... but its cool, without a doubt.  Gameshifiting is a lot like hacking the  (culture) matrix.  For real.  Learn what it means to be a Social Architect. 

Gameshifting is about creating new social [membrane/dna] realities with our  tribes [tribegathering] using co-designed cultural games, legends and tools.  It teaches us how to become more agile and create greater 'soil.'  The support and nurturing of social communities and natural emergence.  

It lets us inteface with social artitechtures and combines the power of both meta and source. Meta being conceptual [or composable] abstractions and source being actual 'things', the 'membranes'  that are embodiments of relationships, memories, technes and cohesions. 

It is about co-creation, co-mentoring, co-learning and energetic praxis. It lets us reflect and engage in the practice of mindful cultures.  Mindful cultures understand the potiencial in our social dna. Social dna being the language, rituals, traditions and social contracts or membranes that are generated and exchanged.  Life design with our imaginations and commonwealth. 


It lets us hold and morph spaces.  It lets us pratice the art of hosting, mirroring and creating new roles in a group. It helps us to create renaissance teams.  It's about trust. It uses strategic questioning to get the depth of what it is important to us. 

It's about the resurangance of our own natural leadership which is being who we are and creating, building, being accountable without being limited. 


P.S.S Original Culture Hacking Protocols For GameShifting


To show how everyone is and can be a creator, designer, curator and polymath. Each of us can transform, play different games, shift our roles and participate (or be visible) in different spaces. That people can be agile (and successful), as well as learn, teach, engage and transform things in many spaces. To learn how to self-create and understand the relationship between personal and social imagination, as well as open systems. Imaginalism. To learn how to design personal source (social imagination) tools and builds. To know how 'change/play/BECOMING is the law.' To learn  the arts of power and negentropy, which *is* transformation. To be agile in our spaces. To engage with imaginalities. Open Space Design/ Life (Space) Design. Pathmaking. Operational processing. Learning how to become a piece of work/art. Learning how to opt-in, source and share. Forking. [LIKE UX Design but with our techniques and cultures. Creativity/ Open space cultural and transformational design.]

One Sentence Synopsis:

Gameshifting is a legend, imaginalsphere where our personal 'techne' (techniques, value(s), imagination, literacies, profiencies, processes, self-creations, crafts) can become open (space) design, cultures, of social imagination... powerful transformation spaces.





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Kyle Sykes+Journal Entries by User
(R)E:volutionaries : Unlocking the Spritual and Cultural Potiencial of Sciences (Metaparadigms) Greatest Idea(s) 2.0
2013-05-13 I've been doing extensive research on this book of late. In relation to metaparadigms, transgraduation, social imagination, social



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I'm excited by the idea of an emerging ecosystem for social innovation and sustainable peer production!


My personal story leads from outdoorsey childhood in Oregon, through undergrad physics / astronomy education, into media production and ecological design. I am keen on the idea of networked agile ecovillaging, utilizing digital tools to engage large supportive communities in this process as stakeholders.


I am working to develop prototypes and projects around Columbia County, NY, including the Solaqua home base of Emerging Leader Labs. This includes permaculture design, natural building and landscape art, community organizing and outreach, video production, team building, personal growth and learning, open enterprise development, gift exchange, and lots of fun risk and reward.


I am comfortable in roles like ideation, invention, strategy, observation, and push my edge on things like project management, group facilitation, communications, marketing/soliciting, mentorship, and executive action.


I believe, and increasingly act, in accordance with the evident abundance of nature and networks.



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Benjamin Brownell+Journal Entries by User
Heroism, old and renewed -journal:ben-
2012-08-24 We held an exercise session yesterday to tell our "Hero's Journey" tale to the group. I hated it, before, and only a little ...
Tipping Points -journal:ben-
2012-08-15 Over the hump! We're into the second half of our great railway journey together as Makers in the Lab at Chatham. Now pretty ...
The Group Organism -journal:ben-
2012-08-08 9986 icon Here's my visual notepad from a couple of recent discussions and subsequent digestion around the idea of our ...
Germination! -journal-
2012-08-05 The Emerging Leader Lab Seed Project has begun, and I'm gratefully down in the dirt with a passle of iconoclasts and inventors, culture-hackers, ...

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