Our Vision

We are growing a global network to support world-changing projects.


We hack the Social DNA of human economies, businesses and institutions to create patterns that work better, and spaces to help people build even better patterns.


There's an abundance of people trying to make the world a better place who are feeling like they have to swim against the mainstream current to do so. Emerging Leader Labs is trying to help them improve the odds of success by providing spaces where there's room to build their visions.  


Nodes in our network will be of a few different types: Clubs, Labs, and Incubators.  So far, we are operating Labs and ready to grow.

Emerging Leader Clubs

Any group of people who gather together to explore how to make the world a better place can become an Emerging Leader Club.  All you need to start a Club is a group of friends, peers, high school students, college students, professionals, or whatever. 


The core element is that you gather regularly to listen, share and nourish each other's world changing visions. We provide some recommendations about the structure of the meetings, but you're free to refine and revise them to work best for your group. You can also share the meeting structures you create or the ideas and projects you invent with others through our web site (in development).

Emerging Leader Labs

At some point, some folks are ready to move from talk to action. To become an Emerging Leader Lab, you need to have a space for people to come together to work on their projects together.  Since our model is set up to operate this kind of workspace in a gift economy, you still don't need to have a legal entity or bank account, but you do need a Source Team with the kind of social capital it takes to pull together the resources to make it happen.

Emerging Leader Incubators

Some projects will naturally grow in scale and be able to integrate into the commercial economy.  Incubators will provide a lever for that to happen, offering training in the basics of becoming a business, such as accounting, administration, and other skills and capacities needed to operate as a fruitful enterprise.

Additional Background

Emerging Leader Labs has roots in a various previous projects of its founders such as: Dream Team Enterprises, The MetaCurrency Project, Superhero School, Sceneverse.  The basic approach was first voiced at a social enterprise conference in 2010, by Arthur Brock.


The 2012 Seed Project was a prototype Lab session in which we prepared the ground for regular cycles of incoming participants at our initial location in Chatham, New York.

Some Other Juicy Resources

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