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Originally hailing from Southwest Kansas' rural ranching and agriculture community, Mickki has called Colorado home since 1999. Recognizing the need to reclaim our power to envision, create and share community wealth, Mickki co-founded the Mile High Business Alliance in 2007. Currently serving as Executive Director, Mickki combines her passion for healthy communities with her varied experience as a small business owner. Over time, her role at MHBA has evolved to one of advocacy on behalf of small businesses, collaboration-building with local partners, and empowerment of MHBA's small-but-mighty staff. Her leadership supports the fulfillment of the business alliance's mission to build a more resilient, connected and healthy local economy.


Mickki is currently a member of the Denver Seeds Taskforce, serves on the board of the Colorado Doulas Association, and is a BALLE Local Economy Fellow.


Mickki lives in the Baker neighborhood of Denver where she gets to frequent unique local businesses, grow a few vegetables and nurture her other passions, including cooking great dinners, canning delicious pickles, and supporting women as a childbirth educator and doula.

Denver, CO


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