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Ferananda’s highest purpose is the evolution of social organisms. She is an international speaker, process artist and social architect totally committed to the fields of collective intelligence and post monetary economics where she finds her joy and passion. Following the evolutionary impulse, she works for the leap from the individual to higher collectives.


Ferananda co-founded ‘The Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI) and  TheTransitioner where she provides her inspiring vision and actions around Web 2.0, socialmedia, collaborative technologies and process arts. She plays with the metacurrency project in multiple forms as it seems fit for its evolution and her personal challenges. She co-creates community projects in Mexico and United States which support the next economy wave and create new social DNA.


She is a pioneer who insists on joy, love, generosity, will and mastery as instruments to accomplish her highest purpose in life.


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Currently in Transition from Tepozlan, Mexico to Ashland, OR


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