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Over the last few years, I've realized, like many others, that if what we want is a new and better human 'operating system' then the best place to start is within myself. To deconstruct my own patterns and assumptions is something which I have not just sat down and done once, but adopted as a process to continually revise and polish my own capacities. My gifts include:

Hosting, making others feel seen and safe.

Empowerment to employ many disciplines of thinking including design, systems, computational, creative, and critical thinking, and the discernment to tell what's needed when.

Pragmatically, my main area of skill is in technology, ranging from video production, to image manipulation, to web development, design, and hosting server knowledge and experience, to web application development using frameworks like Ruby On Rails.

My gratitudes include:

The ongoing support and connection to an intentional learning community of practice, which makes all else more possible.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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