Common Storyworks



"Kickstarting the Commons - food, industry, enterprise, and education"


>> Leverage web video storytelling to garner support for early-stage open ventures in the conversion of their documented "common good" achievements into tangible assets and diverse liquid capital for the global transition expedition.


What this looks like on a small scale and short timeline:


- produce a series of audiovisual documents from the E.L.L. Seed Project experience, exhibiting social value creation

- organize, contextualize, and broadcast therm with hooks for audience engagement

- invite participation in the Lab story, and present gift offerings in return

- enhance linking to / from related project spaces and peer producers

- reveal patterns of content, format, and currency for wider application

- propose an open enterprise team & brand to further the work


One Sentence Synopsis:

Change-agents and action-organisms sharing their stories to prosper in transition!!

Current Phase: