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1. Share an experience that's been pivotal in becoming who you are today.


2. How do your friends, teachers, and co-workers describe you?


3. Without charging any tuition, we nourish a gift economy to freely provide leaders with vital resources like: housing, food, workspace, transportation, coaching, training, and leadership and business experience. How do you intend to contribute to this ecosystem?


4. What do you hope to get from your time with Emerging Leader Labs?


5. We are committed to working out our problems with communication.  Please give an example of when you have resolved a serious problem with someone using communication.  And were you so successful at addressing this problem that you would feel comfortable with us calling this person?


6. We have an environment where people take actions of their own initiative.  Please demonstrate that you can identify a need and produce the necessary results without supervision.


7. Please share about your current life situation and how ELL fits into that picture.


9. What are you plans after the session? Do you plan to leave? Or are you hoping to stay and continue to work on your project or support the Lab? 


8. Is there a particular project you’re planning to work on? What impact will the project have?


10. Is there anything else we should know about?


Please provide two personal or professional references.


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What's Next?  Participation is limited based on workspace size, food and housing availibility. If you are selected as a candidate from your initial application, we will contact you to schedule a follow up interview online via Skype or Google Hangout.

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