expand_less [[/account/invite|Invite a new user]]When
default,someone newsigns accountsup, arethey associatedcreate a [[Sign up]] card...

{{Sign up|closed;title: Sign ups}}

...that can be changed into a [[User]] card:


Some important [[http://wagn.org/permissions|permissions]]:

When [[Anyone]] can [[*create|create]] a [[Sign up]] card, links to sign up will appear.
When [[Anyone]] can [[*create|create]] a [[User]] card, each [[Sign up]] can be auto-approved
with a verification email.
If permission to [[*create|create]] a
[[User]] is cards.restricted, [[http://wagn.org/wagn/account| Learn more about accounts.]]someone
{{Account Request+*type+by create}}
{{Cards with accounts|titled}}
with that permission must approve each [[Sign up]] by hand.

[[http://wagn.org/account | More about accounts.]]